Gig at the Blackwater Cafe!!! 

We'll be playing a gig from 8:-- pm tom ????? at the Blackwater cafe this coming Thursday, June 16th;912 No. Yosemite Ave. in Stockton, CA, 95203. We'll also be videotaping different songs for youtube videos; especially the newest version of "Gotta Love Your Sacramento Kings!" with the latest lyrics!! Come out and be part of the video and part of the hook, it'll be fun! Also both kitty Taisho and Michael Robinson will be doing mini-sets of their own compositions so there'll be a lotta musical variety!!

Become our fan on Facebook!!! 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEWS>>>>>>>FLASH The Rhondda Nunes Collective now has a fanpage on facebook at You can help to support us, talk to me daily, participate in thread discussions about our music and our videos by stopping by; we'd love to meet you and I would love to chat with you!We've released several videos on youtube, you can check them out on my youtube channel:…

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