1. In my mind

From the recording In my mind

I wrote this song originally after the death of my grandmother Alice Macedo Nunes.It's come to represent all that I've known and loved that are no longer here as well as representing to me personally the sense of loss towards people I never had the chance to meet that are also no longer here that I wish I could have talked to at least once....

In this lifetime.


Verse 1:Why are you...gone from us now?
Do you feel....on the other side?
Is it real....on the other side?
can you feel...how we feel now that you're gone?

Even though you're vessel's dead, that I knew; i can feel you
Each & every day, one with the Ku,
if you're in my mind, you're in my mind, you're in my mind.
I can feel you each and every day if you're in my mind.

Can you find yourself a way back from that other realm?
So that we know you're safe on the other side?
it would really help our fear of death....

(repeat Chorus)