I originally recorded this song in 2005 a week before the Chris Webber trade. There were two versions at firs: The pre-philly trade version (also known as the C-Webb version) and the post-philly trade version. As many of you already know I gave the original version to the world because I think it's a good thing to give back to one's fans....

I was going to wait until the Kings had a winning record before recording a new version; but the thought of the Kings moving to Anaheim has changed that for me. Instead of an award trotted out after wins on post-game threads on Sactown Royalty the song for me now is for the fans; and not just for the players. For me. For you....and for all the fans of the Sacramento Kings every where.


So I'm so tired of hearing about relocation...
As if another destination will increase the fan fascination....
Because we has fans have been through the rebuilding...& if they're not filling the arena for the Ducks for the Baby Royals will they sell out the building?

(I really don't think so!) 'cuz' we can have tenacious D! Every possesion can count!

(Livin'....livin''''a little Northern California Satisfaction!)

verse 1: Bueno Beno or Pooh or Math can take it on the run,
n' throw it out to Omri who could throw a three down,
n' after their inbound, when they think it's on their ground,
el flaco steals it with a pass to Donte` who slam dunks it down n' says:
"Cisko` kid....he's a friend of mine!"
JT sets a screen n' Dally has a block at the rim, Cousins with a pass, he's drawin' it in, Reke' a layup drill, so good it's a sin, n' I say:

"I rather have a quick man....n' not just a big man!"
Chorus: Gotta Love Your Sacramento Kings!! (4x)

(Livin'....livin'....a little Northern California satisfaction!!)

Verse 2: Meow....used to be a cat on the prowl & crazy Ron-Ron on the outer yard,
but they're LA now & I hope the whole team ain't going LA 'cuz' I heard about this little soap opera called:
"As the Faker Laker World turns!!"
that would be 30 miles down the road...instead be the ONLY game in town, be on top of the local mound, with youth & talent on our side n' nothing to hide; a franchise now in play now in play, 'cuz' we're here to STAY, & the Sactown boys are back....lookin' especially stack!!

Chorus out 2x.