From the recording Barbie Got a Mohawk

This song is based on a true story in my life which I remember as the following:

On the first day of Kindergarten I didn't wanna leave my Mom, & cried and clung to her, and she said to me: "Don't worry honey, I'll have something special for you today when you get home from school."

Later in the day, enjoying myself on the playground on the rings apparatus I got into it with another girl (who happened to have blond hair)and the playground monitor had to separate us from fighting.

When I got home from school; my Mom had a gift for me...A brand-new barbie doll!!

Which as soon as she left it with me and I was alone with it....

I gave it a Mohawk. And Barbie was never the same....


verse 1:Barbie got a Mohawk,
Just the other day,
My parents brought her home now;
And my scissors went to play!

Chorus:Yeah, yeah, yeah!(Barbie Got a Mohawk!)
Yeah, yeah, yeah! (I gave Barbie a Mohawk!)
Yeah, yeah,yeah! (Barbie Got a Mohawk!)
yeah, yeah, yeah! (I gave Barbie a Mohawk!)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah...)They say that Blonds have more fun,
(yeah, yeah, yeah...) At least that's what they claim;
(Yeah, yeah, yeah...) I say if they're sporting Mohawks,
(yeah, yeah, yeah...) Then brunettes will get to play.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! x 4

verse 2:So now's the time for Skipper,
Time to make her play,
She stole Ken from Barbie now,
Now she's having a great day!

Repeat Chorus OUT